107th Issue Index

Poetry and Prose:

“Bodies are Bodies” ~ Hayley Arthur

“Disappointment” ~ Caley Asbee

“N.C.D.” ~ Caley Asbee

“9309 Orange Blossom Trail” ~ Sabrina Barrella

“The Bridge” ~ Kristin Bernard

“Softly Sorrow Came” ~ Isabel Borgers

“Solar” ~ Isabel Borgers

“Stargazer’s Dream” ~ Isabel Borgers

“Storm Dance” ~ Isabel Borgers

“Feminism in Chinese Characters” ~ Yuan Changming

“She Said // He Said” ~ Anna Chen

“Tracks of Time” ~ Jacee Clowers

“The Little Monsters” ~ Kaitlin Creeger

“A Cowboy’s Dream” ~ Eva Cruz

“The Procrastinator” ~ Eva Cruz

“Let My Children Tell Their Children” ~ Meagan Booker

“Still Here” ~ Kiersten Dolecki

“Fl-206 E and A1A” ~ Kayla Elliott

“Domesticated Drafts” ~ Tristen Garner

“The Field” ~ Tristen Garner

“A Hopeful Farewell” ~ Hayden Lanier

“The Great Race of Astir” ~ Ashley Lasseter

“The Mantis” ~ Chasity Massey

“Into the Garden” ~ Jeffrey McClure

“The Long Plight” ~ Jeffrey McClure

“Drawn into Water” ~ Emma McCoy

“Unstoppable Force, Meet Immovable Object” ~ Emma McCoy

“Hallelujah” ~ Emily Moore

“The Move” ~ Olivia Mueller

“Pursuit” ~ Lorraine O’Byrne

“Feeding the Sea” ~ Madeline Park Hager

“Light-Switch” ~ Madeline Park Hager

“The Law of Gravity” ~ Madeline Park Hager

“Christmas Log” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“If They Knew of Pompeii” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“Like So Many Meadows” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“Saturday Pastime” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“Sober” ~ Delilah Scudato

“Antidote” ~ Emalyn Sharp

“Frozen.” ~ Emalyn Sharp

“A Study in Crimson” ~ Griffin Smith

“Memoriam” ~ Griffin Smith

“Green.” ~ Leighann Summers

“I Miss You” ~ Leighann Summers

“Pet Store Fish” ~ Leighann Summers

“Sixteen” ~ Trevor Vals

“Hummingbird” ~ Tayla Vannelli

“Swollen Smile” ~ Tayla Vannelli

“Kayaking with Dad” ~ Naomi Winders

“Regrets & Attention Deficit ~ Jan Wozniak

“Death Through the Pages of a Book” ~ Anneke Zegers

“Last Days of Youth” ~ Anneke Zegers

“Resolute Bones” ~ Anneke Zegers

“The Grave Digger’s Dirge of 2020” ~ Anneke Zegers

“Whose Tyranny We Say” ~ Anneke Zegers

Visual Art:

“Burnt Orange Haze” ~ Haley Arthur

“Downtown Dream” ~ Hayley Arthur

“Alive” ~ Meagan Booker

“Childhood” ~ Isabel Borgers

“Refuge from the Storm” ~ Isabel Borgers

“Winter’s Fingertips” ~ Isabel Borgers

“Nature’s Reflection” ~ Carson Evans

“Painting Tools” ~ Morgan Funk

“Stress” ~ Kylie Geist

“What Truly Controls You” ~ Kylie Geist

“New Growth” ~ Contessa Heiskell

“Wonders of Spring” ~ Contessa Heiskell

“L O S T” ~ Morgan Maxwell

“S & F” ~ Morgan Maxwell

“Royal Coreopsis” ~ Morgan Maxwell

“Triptych – A Day” ~ Morgan Maxwell

“Distanced Enchantment” ~ Hannah McDuffie

“Hopeful” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“No Place Like…” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“Once Upon a Forest” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“Remembering” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“Sweet Song” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“The Writing Will Be” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“Why?” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“The Broken Bridge” ~ Haley Reynolds

“The Only Way Up” ~ Haley Reynolds

“The Sun and the Sea Say Goodnight” ~ Haley Reynolds

“Mermaid Pool” ~ Emalyn Sharp

“Misty Reflections” ~ Emalyn Sharp

“Mountains Bow Down” ~ Emalyn Sharp

“Serenity” ~ Emalyn Sharp

“Then Sings My Soul” ~ Emalyn Sharp

“Eye of the Beholder” ~ Leighann Summers

“Elemental” ~ Tayla Vannelli

“Imposing Serenity” ~ Tayla Vannelli

“Ripples of Fire” ~ Tayla Vannelli