Regrets & Attention Deficit

Jan Wozniak 

Forgive me  
for never following instructions 
never coloring between the lines 
& for never finishing my homework on time. 
Forgive me  
for not paying attention 
not sticking to plans 
& for not being more determined.  
Forgive me  
for the lies I told 
the excuses I made 
& for the promises I didn’t keep. 
Forgive me 
for giving up too easily 
always changing my mind 
& for not wanting a more ordinary life. 
Forgive me  
for my hypersensitivity  
my impatience  
& for never thinking things through.  
Forgive me 
& know that I tried 
know that I cared 
& know, that deep down,  
I always wanted to do better.  

Your Son