Writers and Artists

Marea Groce

Artist of “Standing Tall, Reflecting Pool, Sky of Flame”

Marea Groce is an English major and and Art minor. She was born in the United States and grew up overseas in Africa. She hopes to be a writer and illustrator one day. She is inspired by writers and artists such as C.S. Lewis J.R.R, Tolkien and Georgia O’Keefe. Marea loves photography and especially loves nature.

George Sifuentes

Artist of “Path to Salvation”

George Sifuentes is a senior Computer Information Systems Major, with a minor in Graphic Design from Rome, GA. Sci-Fi and RPGs are how he spends his time when he’s not working on his vehicles As Army Veteran, he’s honored to be able to work with this staff.

Alivia Gladden

Author of “Renewal”

Alivia Gladden is a senior English major and Education minor at Shorter. She leads worship and is an aspiring author of both fiction books and motivational writings. She is so thrilled to be part of such a valuable legacy that Shorter offers through The Chimes. Endless love and thanks to Jesus Christ, her family, friends, and the professors and faculty of Shorter University.

Fabrice Poussin

Author of “First Star, Her Light Eternal, Onto the Dark Path”
Artist of “Her Majesty, Her Refection, Knowledge,

For A Prayer, Last Hope, Welcome”

Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels, poetry, and photography, his work has appeared in more than 500 publications worldwide. He frequently travels to the American West to find the solace which those magnificent lands provide. There he finds inspiration for his art and a simpler lifestyle.

Leighann Summers

Artist of “Brightness, Waterfall”

Leighann Summers is a biology major at Shorter University. Hiking and spending time with people are her two favorite hobbies. She’s grateful that some of the beauty she’s seen is being shared with others through The Chimes!

Tayla Vannelli

Author of “R.J, Tan Line”

Tayla Vannelli is a sophomore at Shorter University and is double majoring in general business and English. She plans on pursuing a job in the publishing field once she graduates. She is currently studying abroad in Austria for the spring semester and has opportunities to travel all over Europe! However, Tayla also looks forward to returning to Shorter in the fall and assuming the position of editor of the Chimes!

Ashley Gatlin

Artist of “Mystic Flight”

Ashley Gatlin she is a business management major from Mcdonough, Ga. She has two minors in art and graphic design. She has always had a love for art and creating things, so when she graduates she plans on pursuing more of her graphic design career.

Griffin Smith

Author of “The Edge of the Cosmos, The Midnight Recluse”
Artist of “Tower, Blue, Drop”

Griffin Smith is a junior biochemistry major with a minor in psychology from Rome, Georgia. After receiving his undergraduate degree, he plans to receive his PhD in Biochemistry. Griffin is a co-founder of BNS (Bed Notes Society of Applied Literature and Poetry). He enjoys writing poetry and short stories in his spare time, and has a newfound hobby in amateur photography.

Andrea Locke

Artist of “Magically Purple”

Andrea Locke has recently graduated from Shorter University in December of 2019. She has a bachelor’s in General Business and Management with a minor in Graphic Design. During her last semester at Shorter University, She took a painting class with Mrs. Monde who helped spark her love for painting.

Morgan Maxwell

Artist of “Sound Traveler”

Morgan Maxwell is a junior Biochemistry major at Shorter University. He is a member of The Chimes, vice-president of Alpha Chi Honors Society, and president of the Student Art League. A Rome native, Morgan enjoys the local art scene and long conversations with friends over coffee.

Anna Raelyn

Author of “I Am a Ghost”

Anna Raelyn attends Florida State University studying Creative Writing. When she’s not writing, she likes to walk her naughty rescue dog, cook a towering lasagna, or binge Netfix shows with her friends.

Jay Chambers

Author of “Elderly Couple, Nightfall”

Jay Chambers is a Shorter alumni from Centre, Al and the pastor of Parkview Baptist Church in Rome, GA. He spends his time reading, playing various tabletop games, writing poetry, and drinking too much coffee.

Eva Cruz

Author of “Totality”
Artist of “Girl and Sun”

Eva Cruz is a Pennsylvania native who made her way to Shorter from Hokes Bluff, Alabama. Eva is a human services major with a criminal justice minor who plans to one day serve as a substance abuse counselor. In her free time, she enjoys writing, arts and crafts, sleeping, and playing Super Mario Brothers.

Carolyn Phillips

Artist of “Giants Overhead, Half Dome Mountain Range, Twin Towers Winter Wonderland, Yosemite Falls”

Carolyn Phillips currently attends Shorter University as a freshman. It has been her desire to research and protect nature from a young age. This has led her to pursue an undergraduate major in Ecology and Field Biology, and she hopes to attain a career in wildlife biology post-graduation. Carolyn enjoys hiking, and often photographs picturesque scenery and anything interesting she finds. She says photographing nature is a way for her to share the wonderful discoveries she makes with others, and she is constantly amazed at the complexity and diversity she finds in creation.

Andrew Wilfong

Artist of “South African Sunset”

Andrew Wilfong is a Music Education and Worship & Music Leadership alumnus from Shorter University’s Class of 2019. He is married to Madison Hunt Wilfong, another Shorter graduate who has also been recognized in previous issues of The Chimes. In addition to part-time composing and recording, Andrew is pursuing a career in music education and church music ministry.

Hannah Hannah

Author of “Song & Dance”

Hannah’s work has appeared in Riverteeth’s “Beautiful Things” series, Georgia’s Best Emerging Poets, and, most dear to her heart, The Chimes. She is a recent graduate of Shorter University where she studied English and Professional Writing. She currently works as a legal assistant and lives in Villa Rica, Georgia with her husband, Jonathan.

Taylor Thornton

Author of “He was Beautiful, Lost”
Artist of “Shadows”

Taylor Thornton is a junior Psychology major with a Liberal Arts minor at Shorter University. After graduation she dreams to pursue a career in teaching high school students. She spends her time reading and enjoys seeking new avenues in life. She also enjoys photography and writing as that is her relaxation time spent during the week. She is looking forward to what God has in store for her in the future.

Danielle Fairbairn

Author of “Sweat Dripped”

Danielle Fairbairn graduated from Shorter University in 2013. After graduating she moved to Southeast Asia where she teaches ESL at the local university. She loves sharing stories about life abroad and all the great things the Lord is doing around the world.

Jesse Lee

Author of “Firebird”

Jesse Lee grew up in the small town of Taylorsville, Georgia surrounded by stories. She graduated from Shorter University with a BA in English with a minor in history. Lee publishes under the pseudonym Jess Naomi and is the author of an independent poetry collection titled Girls with Fangs. She dreams of becoming a novelist. When she is not writing or recommending her favorite books at the library where she works, she can be found reading at the local coffee shops.

Anna Lundy

Author of “A Pile to Burn, She Walks”

Anna Blythe Lundy is a Senior English major and Dance minor. Her work has been published in The Chimes Literary Magazine her Freshman year and her photography her Sophomore year. She was also featured in ZPublishing’s “Georgia’s Best Emerging Poets.” Her hobbies include working out, dancing, writing poetry and short stories, photography, and painting. She also enjoys spending time with her family and her dog, Spirit.

Taryn Cyncholl

Author of “Light’s Absence, The Lightkeeper”
Artist of “Sunset”

Taryn Cyncholl is a Freshman volleyball player at Shorter from Boca Raton, FL. She loves to hang out and take pictures of her and her friends. Her favorite food is spaghetti and she loves the beach. She is so excited to be on Shorter’s campus and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Sarah Bramblett

Author of “A Thrift Store Ball of Yarn, Magnetic Poetry Sestina”

Sarah (Geil) Bramblett is a PhD candidate at Georgia State University where she is studying eighteenth and nineteenth century rhetoric and the bridge between enlightenment reason and romanticism imagination.

Dannielle Griesemer

Author of “The End of The Tunnel”

Danielle Griesemer is a junior history major at Shorter University. She completed her Associates degree at Georgia Highlands College in May 2019, and plans to complete her Bachelor degree in history at Shorter. She has been an avid journal keeper since fifth grade. After graduating, she plans to get a Masters degree in library sciences with an archival concentration. Her career goal is to work with courthouse records and archives.

Ashley Lassetter

Author of “Petrichor and Rainbows”

Ashley Lassetter is a Senior at Shorter University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Music and Worship Leadership. She plans on serving in her calling in full time music ministry by leading people in worship, and also plans to work for a non-profit organization that supports foster care children. She values the simple things in life such as coffee and foggy mornings, and her hobbies include playing saxophone, coloring, and video games.

Destiny Killian

Author of “The Time Traveler, Resurgam”

Destiny Killian is a senior English and Liberal Arts double major with a double minor in Psychology and French. After graduation, she has plans to go into the field of editing and publishing, In her spare time she enjoys writing poetry and learning to play guitar. She loves the little things in life best, including reading, practicing her photography and having tea with her friends.

Carolina Lamm

Artist of “200 Dots”

Whitney-Faith Smith

Author of “Did You Miss Them, Elisi?”

DeWayne Nicholson

Artist of “Amaranthin Bulwark”

Leah-Joy Smith

Author of “11.27.17, Stones, Dust and Redemption”