The 106th Issue

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

  • Mark 16:15

The world extends far beyond the confines of Shorter University, or Georgia, or even the United States. We are not meant to stay within the small boundaries of our own personal universe. There are so many fascinating cultures and perspectives that can only be attained through pushing beyond ourselves.

Many of us will never gain the opportunity to see much of the world. As this year has proven, travel is never a guarantee and our borders can be seemingly impossible to breach. Distant lands don’t always require travel, though. Literature and art bring the far regions of the world to our fingertips. As authors and artists, we can give our piece of the universe to any corner of the world. My hope for this issue of the Chimes is that you journey from your universe into a piece of ours.  

Tayla Vannelli, Editor-in-Chief