The 104th Issue

“For children, childhood is timeless. It is always the present. Everything is in the present tense. Of course, they have memories. Of course, time shifts a little for them and Christmas comes round in the end. But they don’t feel it. Today is what they feel, and when they say ‘When I grow up,’ there is always an edge of disbelief—how could they ever be other than what they are?”

― Ian McEwan, The Child in Time

As we all get older and transition into adulthood, we often forget what it was like to be a child. Those silly afternoons of play and pretend and those awe-struck nights underneath a blanket of stars become lost on us as we submit to the drone of deadlines and day-to-day duties.  The goal of the 104th issue is to bring back to our memories what it was like to be bursting with wonder and curiosity. Even more so, this issue is about returning to the childlike faith that Christ expects of his followers.

I hope that in the poetry and art found in this edition of The Chimes, you will reflect on memories and experiences in order to remember once again what it is to be a child and to reclaim that innocent wonder and faith.

Alexis Wright