Writers and Artists

Kristin Towe

Author of “On Rereading Aesop’s Fables,” “Undressing,” and “In Which We Recall the Willow’s Song”

Kristin Towe is a voracious reader and writes as often as possible– usually in the wee hours of the morning. Along with drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee, she spends the majority of her free time scribbling out poems and stories and bonding with her family and friends. Kristin is grateful for all the talents God has given her– writing included.

Grace Wooddell

Author of “September”

Grace Wooddell is a sophomore in high school from Rome, Georgia, who dual enrolls at Shorter. She doesn’t know what she wants to do yet but thinks that nursing sounds pretty interesting. She enjoys writing, sewing, podcasts, video games, and when she’s in the mood, the ukulele.

Morgan Maxwell

Artist of “Mountains at Sundown,” “Groovy Roses,” “Artic Sunset,” and “Lavender Twilight”

Author of “Autumn Evening”

Morgan Maxwell is a sophomore at Shorter University and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. He is a member of The Chimes, as well as president of the Student Art League. Morgan’s literary and artistic tastes can only be described as eclectic, drawing from various genres and styles.

David Thompson

Author of “The Inevitability of a Runny Rose” and “I Woke Up Tired One Morning”

David Thompson is a senior English, Communication Studies, and Liberal Arts triple major with a minor in French. A four-year member of The Chimes, he is also the president of Alpha Chi Honor Society and a member of the Shorter Honors Academy. His work has been published in newspapers, magazines, and online journals.

Anna Lundy

Author of “Spring Lily”

Anna Blythe Lundy is a Junior English major and Dance and Biology double minor. Her work has been published in The Chimes Literary Magazine her Freshman year and her photography her Sophomore year. She was also featured in ZPublishing’s “Georgia’s Best Emerging Poets.” Her hobbies include working out, dancing, writing poetry and short stories, photography, and painting. She also enjoys spending time with her family and her dog, Spirit.

Kayla Miller

Artist of “Zygomorphic Flower,” “African Sil,” and “Shattered Glass”

Shea Cook

Author of “Pawpaw”

Shea is a sophomore accounting major. She lives interpretive sign, reading, writing, and helping others. When she finishes college, she wants to help missionaries and has dedicated her life to giving God glory and doing his will.

Fabrice Poussin

Author of “Riding Scared,” “Kid,” “First Love,” “Contemplation,” and “Child Yet”

Artist of “Go for It,” “Juvenile Chance,” “Couple,” and “Larger Than Life,”

Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels, poetry, and photography, his work has appeared in more than 500 publications worldwide. He frequently travels to the American West to find the solace which those magnificent lands provide. There he finds inspiration for his art and a simpler lifestyle.

Meagan Cox

Author of “Grandfather”

Meagan Cox is a sophomore at Shorter University. She is pursuing a Christian Ministry major and a music minor. Her hobbies include writing songs, playing piano, singing, and hiking. Her poem is inspired by her grandfather and best friend whom she lost to brain cancer in 2012.

Tayla Vannelli

Author of “One Day Soon” and “The Old Man, the Boy, and the Abusive Thunderstorm”

Tayla Vannelli is a freshman at Shorter University with a major in English, hoping to one day become a literary agent. When she was sixteen, Tayla wrote a 300-page science fiction/psychological horror novel. She is the writer of the short stories in this edition of the Chimes and is honored to be represented here.

Ashley Lassiter

Author of “The In-between”

Ashley Lassetter is a junior at Shorter University. She plans on working in full time music ministry and partnering with a nonprofit organization that helps teach and care for orphans and foster care children. Her piece, “The In-Between” is a positive reflection on the difficult topic of transitions in life.

Montana Garrett

Author of “The Monster Inside”

Montana Garrett is a twenty- two-year-old who loves to write, sing, and to spend time with family and friends. She loves to write anything from short stories, poems, songs and screen plays. Montana loves to express herself in many different forms of art. Thank you for reading!

Alexis Wright

Author of “Birth of a Poet” and “On Fireflies”

Artist of “Morning Dew”

Alexis Wright is a Junior English major with a minor in Christian Studies.  A poet, linguaphile, and avid grammarian, she is fascinated by language as well as the written word and hopes to use both to attest to the marvelous works of God, the Creator of all things. She also enjoys knitting, playing her ukulele, learning Hebrew, and planning her June wedding with Jay Chambers.

Jay Chambers

Author of “Withered Hands in a Silent Chapel,” “Cold Breeze” and “Quail Hunting”

Jay Chambers is a senior Christian Studies Major from Centre, AL and the pastor of Parkview Baptist Church in Rome, GA. He spends his time reading, playing various tabletop games, writing poetry, and drinking too much coffee. He is engaged to Alexis Wright and is looking forward to their June wedding.

Madison Hunt

Author of “Appalachian Lullaby,” “Michal,” and “The Sound of Music”

Madison Hunt is an English, Education, and Liberal Arts major from Shorter University. Though she has chosen a teaching career for the promise of inspiring young learners to pen their thoughts and analyze the world around them, she strives to do the same in her own writing. A musician and songwriter, Madison spends time in between grading papers playing music with her fiancé in their duo, A.M. Radio Show. Much of her writing to keep up with her artist’s journey, you can connect with Madison on Facebook or Instagram @amradioshowofficial.

Margie Monde

Artist of “Botanical Beauty”

Margie Monde is a visiting instructor of Art at Shorter. She teaches drawing, painting, digital art, graphic design, and art appreciation. Her professional experience includes design and illustrations for NASA, and for NATO in Italy. Her artwork has appeared in numerous exhibitions and publications throughout the U.S., and internationally.

Destiny Killian

Artist of “Small Wonders”

Destiny Killian is a junior English and Liberal Arts double major with a double minor in Psychology and French. After graduation, she has plans to go into the field of editing and publishing. In her spare time, she enjoys writing poetry and learning to play guitar. She loves the little things in life best, including reading, practicing her photography, and having tea with her friends.