Writers and Artists

Darby Ambrose

Photographer of “Glimmer”

Darby Ambrose is a senior Computer Information Systems major with minors in Art and Graphic Design from Rising Fawn, Georgia. She enjoys creating art of all forms and hopes to pursue this passion in her future career. 

Emily Boban

Author of “Clumped” and “Seasons and Security”

Emily A. Boban majors in Adolescent/Young Adult Education for English and Language Arts at Lake Erie College. She is also pursuing a Minor in Art as she enjoys painting and drawing. Emily values the influence of literature and writing as she is employed as a Writing Assistant at Lake Erie College’s Writing Center. She enjoys both English and Western horseback riding in her spare time along with caring for animals. She is inspired by the natural world and hopes to one day publish a novel and empower her future students. 

Thomas Bryan

Author of “The Answer”

Thomas Bryan is a senior mathematics major. Ironically, in addition to enjoying math, Thomas has a love of literature—both reading and writing it. He has a special interest in writing that encourages the reader to contemplate life and see themselves for what they are in the grand scheme of things.

Jonathan Caruvana

Photographer of “Barbed Wire Reconstruction” and “Sunset on Downtown”

Jon Caruvana Jr. is a highschool senior dual-enrollment student at Shorter University. Jon began messing around with photography back in February of 2020 and is thankful to the Chimes for recognizing his passion. He was honored to win first place in Georgia’s Rome Photography contest in September of 2020. You can find more of his work at @novelty.photography on Instagram.

Alexis Chambers

Artist of “Hanaya – Japanese Flower Shop,” “Goldfinch in Plum Tree,” and “Storm Approaching

Alexis Chambers, a Shorter English graduate and former Chimes Editor-in-Chief, is a local artist specializing in watercolor painting. She is married to Jay Chambers, also a Shorter graduate who pastors a church in Rome, GA. Outside of painting and writing, Alexis enjoys getting lost in the pages of a good suspense novel, listening to true crime podcasts, and spending time with her sweet dog and two cats.

Jacee Clowers

Author of “My Husband, the Bard”

Jacee Clowers is a recent graduate of Shorter University, having earned a Bachelor of Arts in English in May of 2020. She currently teaches English, Latin, and a senior Capstone class at Cornerstone Christian Academy, located in Rainsville, AL. Jacee also acts as a writer and general editor for Transformed, a blog site that partners with Shorter University and provides resources for understanding a biblical worldview. Jacee enjoys writing, baking, and, of course, reading, especially at home with her husband

Eva Cruz

Author of “Genuine Happiness”

Photographer of “Hide and Seek”

Eva Cruz is an undergraduate student from Hokes Bluff, Alabama who is originally from Pennsylvania. She is currently enrolled as a Human Services major and a Criminal Justice and Spanish minor. Her goal is to one day become a substance abuse counselor and produce her own addiction rehabilitation program. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, reading cheesy vampire stories, and spending time with those she loves.

Teagan Daniels

Author of “Stand Up Taller”

Teagan is a 16-year-old emerging writer attending Spokane Falls Community College and University High School in a dual enrollment running start program. She has a podcast and a Tedx Talk where she discusses various social justice issues.

Courtney Dzaidul

Photographer of “Forest Floor” and “Juxtaposed”

Courtney Dziadul is a Shorter alumni and former editor-in-chief of The Chimes. She spends most of her days being a wife, mother, and homemaker and the rest working at Gottwals Books (both her dream jobs). She aims to bring glory to God through the view of His Creation in her photography. 

Danielle Fairbairn

Photographer of “Land of Dreams” and “To the Blackboard”

Danielle Fairbairn graduated from Shorter University in 2013. After graduating, she moved to Southeast Asia where she teaches ESL at the local university. She loves sharing stories about life abroad and all the great things the Lord is doing around the world.

Leah Figueroa

Artist of “Crow”

Leah Figueroa is a junior from Acworth, Georgia. She is currently a pre-medical student with a major in Biochemistry and a minor in Art. Following graduation, she plans on going to medical school and becoming a Cardiologist or Cardio-thoracic Surgeon. Being at Shorter has blessed her with the opportunity to advance her techniques and dive out of her comfort zone to help her become the best artist she can possibly be. She wants to travel and experience all the places where art is pouring from the streets across the world. Maybe one day she’ll be the artist in the streets creating pieces for fun! 

Andrea Hatcher

Author of “Two Pods and a Pea”

Andrea Hatcher, a Texas native, enjoys writing fiction during her common leisure time. She has two dogs, Zoey and Theodore. Her dogs inspire her creative writing with their polar opposite personalities. She is fond of taking the personalities of both Zoey’s and Theodore’s and transitioning them into that of human. As a result, she is able to create a variety of different stories, maintaining the same personalities of each individual character used in each story, though testing the waters of different settings and plots. Andrea is beyond grateful for the inspiration she receives daily by that of her two dogs, family, and closest friends.

Avery Heck

Author of “For Somebody that I Used to Know”

Avery Heck is a sophomore student at Stetson University. She has loved writing her entire life and has found it to be a reprieve from the anguish and torment that comes with living in this day and age.

Destiny Killian

Author of “Yellow,” “Small Comforts,” and “My Small World”

Destiny Killian is a freelance editor and aspiring poet. She is currently a senior English major with a double minor in Psychology and French at Shorter University. Following graduation, she hopes to work as an editor for a publishing company. When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones, especially her two cats.

Jesse Lee

Author of “Walls of Jericho”

Jesse Lee grew up in a small town surrounded by stories. She graduated from Shorter University with a BA in English with a minor in history. Lee publishes under the pseudonym Jess Naomi and is the author of independent poetry collections titled Girls with Fangs and We Go Wandering. When she is not writing or recommending her favorite books at the library where she works, she can be found reading at the local coffee shops.

Ashley Lassetter

Author of “Pure Communion”

Ashley Lassetter is a senior Music and Worship Leadership major. Upon graduating in May, she will be pursuing a career in full-time music ministry and missions work. Her hobbies include reading, baking, coloring, and fishing. She loves black coffee, a variety of hot teas, and peppermint hot chocolate.

Anna Blythe Lundy

Author of “World Traveler” and “Be Still”

Anna Blythe Lundy is an alumna of Shorter. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in English and a minor in dance. She is an entrepreneur, both tutoring students in English, writing, poetry, and literature, copy editing papers, and baking dog treats for her small business, Spirit & Sky pet bakery. Skylar, her dog and quarantine buddy for over a year, was her inspiration for her bakery. She is engaged to the love of her life, Jesse, and will be getting married on October 9th of this year. Her parents, Missy and Tony Lundy, both are affiliated with Shorter University. She is a proud Shorter Hawk!

Margie Monde

Artist of “Newborn Deer at Cave Spring,” “Ocean Blue,” and “Sunset on a Venice Canal”

Margie Monde is an Assistant Professor of Art at Shorter. She teaches drawing, painting, art fundamentals, digital art, graphic design, and art appreciation. Her professional experience includes graphic design, digital art, and illustrations for NASA, and for NATO in Italy. Her artwork has won many awards and has appeared in numerous exhibitions and publications throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Alisha Lane Provence

Artist of “Bicycle,” “City,” and “Landscape”

Alisha Lane is a Georgia native and graduated from Shorter University in 2016 with a degree in Communications. During her time at Shorter Alisha met her husband, Dalton, and they now have a precious 2-year-old daughter. They reside south of Atlanta where Alisha works part time for a non-profit foster care organization. In her free time Alisha enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, creating art, cooking, and staying active outside and in the gym.

Amy Tyler, in Honor of Virginia Tyler

“Colors of our Flags or What the Flags Mean to Me”

Amy was born and raised in Rome, Georgia, and is a graduate of Shorter University with a BBA in Marketing and a minor in English, class of 2015. She was a founding member of the Alpha Delta Pi chapter. She is now living in Montgomery, Alabama working in insurance in auditing. Her grandmother, Virginia Tyler, who wrote “Colors of Our Flag or What the Flag Means to Me” in November of 1969 was also a native of Rome, and inspired Amy to become a poet. Though she writes for pleasure, she has been published and was able to meet Maya Angelou. 

Tayla Vannelli, Editor-in-Chief

Author of “Reverse Poem,” “Failure in Europe,” “Lock Bridge,” and “It is Written”

Tayla Vannelli is a junior at Shorter University and is double majoring in English and general business. Tayla is applying to missionary organizations in Germany for after she graduates. Her ultimate goal is to be a published novelist. If it’s sunny outside, don’t bother looking for her indoors… or at any address you have written down for her. She’s probably moved to a different state by now. 

Fabrice Poussin, Faculty Advisor

Author of “Imagination 101,” “The End of Chaos,” “Highway to the End Times,” and “To a Microcosm”

Photographer of “If Winston Knew,” “Oxford Classroom,” and “Tender Moment”

Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, The Chimes, and many other magazines. His photography has been published in The Front Porch Review, the San Pedro River Review as well as hundreds of other publications.  

Isabel Borgers, Assistant Editor

Author of “Lost in a Book,” “Notebook,” “Paper Keyhole,” and “To a Timid Poem”

Photographer of “Isaiah 52:7”

Isabel Borgers is a Sophomore English Major from Rome, Georgia. She began taking classes at Shorter through Dual-Enrollment and is now enrolled full time. When she isn’t reading, she is writing poetry, listening to movie soundtracks, spending time with family, or playing clarinet. Isabel isn’t yet certain of what she plans to do after college. She is considering becoming a children’s author. She currently works in the Children’s Department of the Rome Library.

Emalyn Sharp, Assistant Editor

Author of “Like the Stars,” “Piano Poetry,” and “To Catch a Butterfly”

Emalyn Sharp is a Junior at Shorter University and is double majoring in English and Liberal Arts. She enjoys writing, criticizing literature, and editing, and can be constantly found with a tumbler full of peppermint tea.

Leighann Summers

Author of “Flames” and “Yellow”

Photographer of “Tranquility”

Leighann Summers is a sophomore Biology major at Shorter University. She’s passionate about spending time with friends and spreading happiness to those she meets. Working with the talented people on The Chimes is an amazing opportunity that she will cherish always.

Morgan Maxwell

Artist of “Sunday Driver”

Morgan Maxwell is a senior Biochemistry major with a double minor in Art and Biology from Rome, Ga. He is a member of The Chimes, president of Alpha Chi Honors Society, and president of the Student Art League at Shorter. Morgan enjoys sipping coffee while experimenting with various artistic media.