107th Issue Staff

Tayla Vannelli – Editor-in-Chief

Tayla Vannelli, a senior at Shorter University, is double majoring in English and general business. She plans to work in human resources and will be completing missions work in Germany. If it’s sunny outside, don’t bother looking for her indoors… or at any address you have written down for her. She’s probably moved to a different state by now. 

Isabel Borgers – Assistant Editor

Isabel is a junior English major with a minor in Spanish. When she isn’t reading during her free time, she is writing, listening to soundtracks, hanging out with family, and ranting about literature to friends. She currently works in the Rome Library.

Emalyn Sharp – Assistant Editor

Emalyn Sharp is a senior at Shorter University and is double majoring in English and Liberal Arts. She enjoys writing, criticizing literature, editing, and can be consistently found with a tumbler full of peppermint tea.

Eva Cruz

Eva Cruz is a senior human services and liberal arts major and a Spanish minor. After graduation, she plans on becoming a social worker and finishing her first novel. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and playing video games.  

Hayley Arthur

Hayley Arthur is a dual-enrollment student at Shorter University who is passionate about the Lord, writing, literature, art, and people. She hopes to one day become an English teacher to nurture other students like—and unlike—herself. When she’s not doing homework, Hayley is spending time with loved ones, walking her dog, or singing musical theater songs in the shower. Don’t worry, she’ll be back to academia in no time. 

Hannah McDuffie

Hannah McDuffie is a freshman psychology major and art minor. She plans to attend graduate school in order to become a licensed professional counselor. She is in the Shorter symphonic band, student council, English club, BCM, and the Chimes. She enjoys writing, painting, playing the flute, and working out. Hannah has written two novels.

Contessa Heiskell

Contessa Heiskell is a junior at Shorter University. She is an English major with a double minor in Christian Studies and Professional Writing. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and loves reading, journaling, photography. When she graduates, she is considering becoming a book editor.

Sierra Withers

Sierra Withers is working towards a major in Psychology and a double minor in Professional writing and Graphic Design. She hopes to be the author of many books. In her free time, she loves to be with her family, rabbits, and make digital art.

Dr. Fabrice Poussin – Faculty Advisor

Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels, poetry, and photography, his work has appeared in more than 500 publications worldwide. He frequently travels to the American West to find the solace which those magnificent lands provide. There he finds inspiration for his art and a simpler lifestyle.