Writers and Artists

Jesse Lee 
Author of “A Thank You Letter” and “Black Coffee Poet”

Jessica Lee is a senior English major and History minor. Using her love of history and mythology as inspiration, Jessica hopes to become a published novelist. While working on her novel, she hopes to bring books to her home town by opening her own book and coffee shop.

Cheyenne Lawson
Artist of “Busy Bee”

Cheyenne Lawson is currently a sophomore at Shorter University. She is an early childhood and special education major. Cheyenne was raised in the small town of Jasper, Georgia. One of her favorite things to do is travel and see new sites. Visiting all fifty states is something she’d love to cross off her bucket list one day!




Kristin Towe
Author of “How to Dance a Cross Medley,” “Ocean Fires,” “Sorched-Earth Policy,” and “A Barefoot Ballet”

Kristin Towe is a junior English major at Shorter University. She is a voracious reader and writes as often as possible– usually in the wee hours of the morning. Along with drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee, she spends the majority of her free time scribbling out poems and stories and bonding with her family and friends. Kristin is grateful for all the talents God has given her– writing included.

Fabrice Poussin
Artist of “Lost in Paradise,” “Looking Back,” “To Fortune,” “July,” “To the Valley,” “Loner,” and “With His Hands”
Author of “Roots of Paradise,” “A Royal Crypt,” and “Upon the Walls of the Cosmos”

Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, and will appear in other magazines throughout 2018. His photography has been published The Front Porch Review, Foliate Oak Magazine, the San Pedro River magazine and other publications.



Hannah Cauthen
Author of “A Fractured Memory” and “Hiding Places”

Hannah Cauthen is a senior English major with a minor in Professional Writing. Her dream jobs include park ranger, YouTube vlogger, and professional crocheter; however, she’ll most likely land in the field of writing/editing after graduation. She adores fancy notebooks and good pens, peppermint tea, and the Oxford comma.



Hannah Caison
Artist of “Boat,” “Peacock,” “Birds,” “Sunset,” and “Lion”

Hannah Caison is from Madison, Georgia. She is a sophomore and currently majors in liberal arts and minors in art. She has always loved art and creating things with her hands including music with the guitar, piano, and cello. Besides art and her instruments, she also enjoys dancing like no one is watching, singing like no one is listening, and eating like there’s no tomorrow.



Alayna Welker
Author of “september’s unabridged journal”

Alayna Welker is a senior Psychology major with a minor in Literature. After graduation, she hopes to get a master’s degree in Psychology and become a doctor of Psychology. She then wishes to become a family or adolescent counselor. She strives to help people and guide them into learning how to love themselves and to see light where it is dim. She wishes to use her minor as a tool to write a book or multiple books based on seeing that light, Jesus, in everyday struggles. She loves to sing and play the piano, and above all, helping others.

Madison McGinnis
Artist of “Chimes”

Madison McGinnis is a junior at Shorter University and lives in Rome, Georgia. She is an Early Childhood Education/Special Education major and is a member of Phi Mu fraternity. She hopes to become an elementary school teacher after graduation and share her love for Christ with her future students.

Destiny Killian
Artist of “Dragonfly” and “Life in Death”

Destiny Killian is a sophomore English and Liberal Arts major with a minor in Psychology. After college, she hopes to begin a career as an editor. She has a variety of hobbies, including painting, photography, collecting comic books, and reading. She spends much of her time in the library, typically in the fiction section.




Alexis Wright
Author of “Paper Crane” and “The Heather Girl”

Alexis Wright is a sophomore English major with a minor in History.  She is a writer, bookworm, and linguaphile, attesting to her passion for the written word. She spends most of her time with her nose in a book or adventuring with her fiancé.  Her other interests include photography, historical studies, watercolor, songwriting, and forensic sciences.



Jay Chambers
Author of “Selah” and “Life in Death”

Jay Chambers is a junior Christian Studies Major from Centre, AL. His interests include reading, playing various tabletop games, writing poetry, and drinking coffee. He is engaged to Alexis Wright and looks forward to the future.




Renee Emerson
Author of “Song of a Traveling Preacher Woman,” “Anne Hasseltine Judson’s Letter to Her Parents in America,” and “We are all Thieves”

Renee Emerson is the author of Keeping Me Still(Winter Goose Publishing 2014) and Threshing Floor (Jacar Press 2016). She lives in Arkansas with her husband and four daughters.