Submission Info

109th Issue, Spring 2024

The 109th Issue of the Chimes is in progress! Look for updates on submissions, events, and releases on our Instagram @thechimes.magazine.

~ The Chimes Editors

Mission of magazine:

The Chimes, having been part of Shorter University’s history for over 130 years, holds to the values upheld by the University. We withhold the right to reject any pieces submitted for publication that do not fit with the University’s mission (“Transforming Lives Through Christ”); therefore, pieces that contain crude themes or language may be rejected. The Chimes accepts submissions from students, faculty, and alumni of Shorter University, as well as from all artists 18 or older. All submissions must be original; plagiarism, whether accidental or purposeful, is unacceptable.

Submission Dates:

The submission deadline for the 110th issue is November 12, 2024. All submissions received after this date will be considered for the following issue.

Submission Guidelines:

Please follow guidelines closely when submitting; failure to do so will disqualify your work from being reviewed for publication.

  • Do not include your name or any identifying information on your attached files.
  • The genre of the work should be stated in the subject line of your submission email.
  • Include a 50 word third-person bio in your submission email.
  • Send in each submission in a separate file.
  • Attach writing in word documents with a title if applicable.
  • Attach art in jpeg files with a title.
  • Submissions are open to all 18 or older.

Submission Guidelines by Category:


-Send up to 5 poems, 12pt. Times New Roman, single spaced except for stanza breaks, no more than 40 lines per poem.
-We’re all for creativity in form, but unique line spacing or indents may not appear as intended in the final publication due to possible formatting issues.


-Short stories and flash fiction, 3 pieces max, 1,500 word max, 12pt. Times New Roman, double spaced.

Creative Non-Fiction

-3 pieces max, 1,500 word max, 12pt. Times New Roman, double spaced.

Art Submission Guidelines:

– Send up to 10 photos (photography or photos of your visual art), attached in jpeg files.

Please send your work to Fabrice Poussin ( You will be contacted regarding the acceptance status of your piece in January. Thank you for your patience!