Writers and Artists

Caley Asbee

Author of “Disappointment” and “N.C.D”

Caley is a college student writing poetry in her free time while she studies to become a high school English teacher. She previously published a magazine as magazine editor for her high school.

Sabrina Barrella

Author of “9309 Orange Blossom Trail”

Sabrina Barella is an undergraduate student at the University of Florida on the pre-medical educational track. During her freshman year poetry class, she discovered a new passion for writing abstract and thought-provoking pieces. Barella draws inspiration from her own personal experiences with overcoming judgement and being taken for granted. Her poetry puts her emotions into stories in an effort to let readers that face the same struggles feel less alone.

Kristin Bernard

Author of “The Bridge”

 Kristin Bernard is a senior at Johnson and Wales university majoring in food service management. When she is not in the kitchen, she is at the barn riding horses or at the motocross track riding her bike. Her passion for thrill and patriotism inspires her writing.

Meagan Booker

Artist of “Alive”

Meagan Booker graduated from Shorter University in 2021 with a BA in Christian Studies. She is the Children’s Director at Life Church. She is pursuing a Masters Degree in Counseling at Toccoa Falls College starting January 2022. She has a passion for music and ministry. In her free time she writes, paints, and plays piano.

Yuan Changming

Author of “Feminism in Chinese Characters”

Yuan Changming hails with Allen Yuan from poetrypacific.blogspot.ca. Credits include Pushcart nominations and publications in Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008-17) Best New Poems Online, among others. Recently, Yuan served on the jury for Canada’s 44th National Magazine Awards (poetry category).

Anna Chen

Author of “She Said // He Said”

Anna is a second-year student at Virginia Commonwealth University, studying Mass Communications with a concentration in Digital Journalism and a double minor in English and Creative Writing. 

Jacee Clowers

Author of “Tracks of Time”

Jacee Clowers is a graduate of Shorter University, having earned a Bachelor of Arts in English in May of 2020. She currently teaches high school English and a senior Capstone class at Cornerstone Christian Academy, located in Rainsville, AL. Jacee also acts as general editor for her school’s blog site and a writer for her school’s curriculum development. Jacee enjoys writing, baking, and, of course, reading, especially at home with her husband.

Kaitlin Creeger

Author of “The Little Monsters”

Kaitlin is currently a student at Spokane Falls Community College in Spokane, Washington. Kaitlin found this piece presented to reflect her struggle and hope others will relate to it and find their strength.

Kiersten Dolecki

Author of “Still Here”

Kiersten is a sophomore at the University of Florida, studying Natural Resource Conservation. She has been a part of The Wildlife Society since 2020.  In addition to writing poetry, her hobbies are hiking, reading, and spending time with friends. 

Kayla Elliott

Author of “FL-206 E and A1A”

Kayla Elliot is an undergraduate student at the University of Florida, exploring the value of writing poetry. She has always enjoyed reading poetry and has begun to dive into writing poetry. The following piece explores ideas of self-image, darkness within, and loneliness.

Morgan Funk

Artist of “Painting Tools”

Morgan Funk is a Shorter University student from Tifton, Ga. She is a junior majoring in biochemistry and minoring in art. Morgan’s love for art comes from her family. Her mother always encouraged creativity and artistic expression. Both of her brothers are artistically gifted with words, music, and drawings. She believes that anything that is practiced with passion becomes an art, whether that is painting, writing, problem-solving, or even playing video games.

Tristen Garner

Author of “Domesticated Draft” and “The Field”

Tristen is a history major with a double minor in English and French. He was raised in Adairsville where his family currently resides. Throughout his life Tristen has had an active love for sports particularly football and wrestling. This is reflected in his career choice as he hopes to be a teacher and coach. 

Kylie Geist

Artist of “What Truly Controls You” and “Stress”

Kylie Geist is a sophomore psychology major. She enjoys art of all kinds in her free time, but her absolute favorite activity is drawing/sketching. She enjoys pieces that have deeper meanings than what appears on the surface, as it creates room for the audience to interpret how they would like.

Hayden Lanier

Author of “A Hopeful Farewell”

Hayden Lanier is a freshman at Shorter University majoring in Middle Grades Education with a minor in Christian Studies. Residing in Tallapoosa, Georgia, Hayden enjoys reading, writing, playing and listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. He is very grateful to have his work featured in this edition of “The Chimes,” and hopes that God gets all the glory from this piece of writing. 

Ashley Lasseter

Author of “The Great Race of Astir”

Ashley Lasseter is a recent graduate of Shorter University, holding a BM in Music & Worship Leadership. She is a music minister at Open Door Church of God in Palatka, Florida, and is also the area administrator for Young Life in Putnam County. In her free time, she plays in the Saint Augustine Concert Band and the Putnam County Community Band and is in the process of obtaining the Exhorter’s and Music Minister’s licenses within the Church of God. Ashley enjoys video games, cooking, and coloring.

Chasity Massey

Author of “The Mantis”

Chasity is currently a college student and English major, taking her education slowly, due to the importance of it, as well as mental well-being. She enjoys activating for human rights, reading, and writing poetry and fiction. She hopes to publish many more works with underlying meanings that highlight the humanity within readers. Poetry has always been an outlet for her when her heart is too heavy to bear. “The Mantis” is dedicated to Chasity’s late grandmother Kathy Mann, who passed on October 2nd, 2021.

Morgan Maxwell

Artist of “L O S T” and “S & F”

Morgan Maxwell is a Rome, Georgia native and a recent graduate of Shorter University, having received a BA in Biochemistry with minors in Art and Biology in May of 2021. He is currently pursuing a career in the medical field. In his free time, Morgan enjoys reading, playing chess, and experimenting with various artistic media, often while sipping a good cup of coffee.

Jeffrey McClure

Author of “Into the Garden” and “The Long Plight”

Jeff McClure is a first-generation college student pursuing a degree in Education. McClure is currently attending Alamance Community College and wishes to become a high school English teacher. He spends most of his time reading books, writing poetry, and completing schoolwork. One day McClure hopes to publish a book of his own.

Emma McCoy

Author of “Drawn into Water”

Emma McCoy is a current sophomore at Point Loma Nazarene University. She’s a Literature/Writing double major with a passion for God and poetry, and she’s working on a current chapbook project about the prophets of the Old Testament. Her work has been published in places like The Crux, Foreshadow Magazine, and Catfish Creek.

Olivia Mueller

Author of “The Move”

Olivia is a freshman at Middlebury College in Vermont. When not at school, you can often find her hiking through the woods or curled up at home with a cup of tea and a crossword puzzle. She loves to sing, write, and read novels, especially trashy Regency-era romance (the purest form of escape), a preference she has in common with her other two triplet sisters.

Lorraine O’Byrne

Author of “Pursuit”

Lorraine has self-published several children’s books, some adult fiction and some of her stories are published on-line. Lorraine is currently doing an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Limerick, Ireland. As part of her degree, she is working on the Ogham Stone Literary Magazine and is a volunteer tutor for Fighting Words (an Irish Charity organisation that teaches creative writing to vulnerable children and adults).

Madeline Park Hager

Author of “Light Switch” and “The Law of Gravity”

Madeleine Park Hager is a senior undergraduate at Haverford College. She was a featured guest for Moonstone Presents: New Voices in 2020 and enjoys attending workshops and readings in Philadelphia.

Emily Pollard

Author of “Hallelujah”

Emily Pollard is a North Georgia native and fervent English student at Western Kentucky University. She and her husband, Carl, currently work with the Scottsville Church of Christ. Upon graduation, Mrs. Pollard plans to instill her love of words into young people through teaching. Mrs. Pollard’s other aspirations are to teach community English classes to Spanish speakers, develop educational curriculum, publish personal Bible study books, and publish a poetry collection. Aside from her work, Mrs. Pollard enjoys spending time with her husband, crafting, and writing for her blog.

 Haley Reynolds

Artist of “Broken Bridge” and “The Only Way Up”

Haley Reynolds is a senior at Shorter University from Rockmart, Georgia. She is a psychology major with a minor in biology. After college, she plans to go to graduate school for Clinical and Mental Health Counseling. After graduating with her master’s degree she plans to work as a counselor and teach psychology at the collegiate level. Some of her hobbies include hanging out with her friends and family, reading, and playing with her dog. 

Delilah Scrudato

Author of “Sober”

Delilah is 29 years old and an undergraduate at UAlbany majoring in Communications with a minor in English. She loves poetry and writes from the heart and personal experiences.

Leighann Summers

Author of “Green” and “Pet Store Fish”

Artist of “Eye of the Beholder”

Leighann Summers is a junior biology major at Shorter University. She loves exploring nature and the world around her as well as getting to know new people. Some of her hobbies include hiking, reading, and spending time with her loved ones. She holds her time at Shorter University near to her heart and appreciates the opportunities it has given her.

Trevor Vals

Author of “Sixteen”

Trevor Vals is a senior at California Baptist University. He is graduating with his BA in Film with a concentration in screenwriting and a minor in Creative Writing. Trevor has always loved the art of storytelling and began writing and filming when he was in junior high which has led him to the career he hopes to pursue in writing for television.

Naomi Winders

Author of “Kayaking with Dad”

Naomi Winders is an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University majoring in Advertising with a minor in Creative Writing. She tries to implement writing in every aspect of her life, whether that be poetry, comedy, or with what she did here, creative nonfiction.  She enjoys the art of writing immensely, and hope that it shows through her work.

Jan Wozniak

Author of “Regrets”

Jan Alexander Wozniak (he/him) is a Canadian poet, short story writer, and scholar residing in Toronto. As a neurodivergent thinker, Jan is particularly interested in capturing the experiences of living with ADHD and ASD. He is currently a third-year undergraduate student in psychology at Ryerson University and plans on pursuing clinical and counseling psychology upon graduating. 

Anneke Zeegers

Author of “Death Through the Pages of a Book” “Resolute Bones”

Anneke Zegers is a sophomore at Duke University in Durham, NC. She is studying English, Latin, and Creative Writing. While Anneke’s first love is prose, she enjoys dabbling in poetry. It is her dream to become an author and an English teacher after college.