103rd Issue Index


A Thank You Letter—Jesse Lee

Harvest Celebration—Whitney-Faith Smith

How to Dance a Cross Medley—Kristin Towe ♦First Place in Poetry♦

Song of a Traveling Preacher Woman—Renee Emerson

Roots of Paradise—Fabrice Poussin

september’s unabridged journal—Alayna Welker

Anne Hasseltine Judson’s Letter to Her Parents in America—Renee Emerson

Hiding Places—Hannah Cauthen

Beachcomber—Madison Hunt

“Nine months”—Chase Rogers

Irremovable—Whitney-Faith Smith

The Roll Call—Madison Hunt

Ocean Fires—Kristin Towe

If someone had been there to record it—Whitney-Faith Smith

We are all Thieves—Renee Emerson

Stranger on the Waves of Time—Chase Rogers

Selah—Jay Chambers

A Royal Crypt—Fabrice Poussin

Scorched-Earth Policy—Kristin Towe

The One You Love—Whitney-Faith Smith

That Old House—Jay Chambers

The Heather Girl—Alexis Wright ♦Runner-Up in Poetry♦

Upon the Walls of the Cosmos—Fabrice Poussin

Views from the moon—Chase Rogers


A Fractured Memory—Hannah Cauthen

Black Coffee Poet—Jesse Lee ♦First Place in Prose♦

Paper Crane—Alexis Wright

Wine Press—Madison Hunt ♦Runner-Up in Prose♦

Pieces—Chase Rogers

A Barefoot Ballet—Kristin Towe


Busy Bee—Cheyenne Lawson

Lost in Paradise—Fabrice Poussin

Boat—Hannah Caison

Looking Back—Fabrice Poussin

Chimes—Madison McGinnis

To Fortune—Fabrice Poussin

Peacock—Hannah Caison

Dragonfly—Destiny Killian ♦Runner-Up in Art♦

Birds—Hannah Caison

Sunset—Hannah Caison

Sun Flare—Teagan Brown

July—Fabrice Poussin

Life in Death—Destiny Killian

Lion—Hannah Caison ♦First Place in Art♦

To the Valley—Fabrice Poussin

God is Greater Still—Anna Lundy

Loner—Fabrice Poussin

Clouds Too—Fabrice Poussin

With His Hands—Fabrice Poussin