Views from the moon

Views from the moon
Chase Rogers

I’m starting to find my voice in these pieces
I can unleash my stress upon the pages
The words pour out these nights

Inspiration strikes like a lightning bolt straight through my fingers

It comes in scattered storms though
Droughts occur and lightning is scarce at times
So I search the sky elsewhere for another spark

From the window of my bedroom I gaze on the moons night journey

He climbs up the stars to his seating place
He paces himself greeting each star I’m sure
It’s his turn to occupy the sky

The moon is my only companion at night

The sight of the moon inspires prayers of flight
Lord grant me the ability to fly
so that I may see earth as the moon does

I doze off for a moment, it’s late

My dreams allow me to visit my rumored to be made of cheese, pal
I follow the moons climb up the stars
The moon allows me a polaroid with the US flag upon arrival

I didn’t speak to the stars yet

He would introduce me once I reached his resting place
The stars are more welcoming than expected
I’m reminded of the actual significance of my existence as I look down

The earth can fit in my hand

I spring myself from my lucid dream
The view has to be better from the roof
Caution on the climb up

My thoughts were correct on the view

Now maybe the moon can hear me
I call him by name to come and pick me up
I’m ready to see what he sees

No response was received

How could the moon hear me
Writers lose their minds when it’s the moons turn to occupy the sky
I still pray to leave the ground, for example

The moon follows his same path these nights

I’m still aimlessly searching for a revelation
As I gaze at the moon and I’m reminded of the view of my dream
But the lightning still eludes my fingers

Perhaps I should sleep and contact the sun when he shows his face
Writer’s block is real