Upon the Walls of the Cosmos

Upon the Walls of the Cosmos
Fabrice Poussin

A flame in a gentle breeze she oscillates above the sea
writing volumes of moments known and those to be
gliding softly upon the crest of the luminous waters.

Tapping the sun with a delicate finger extended to heaven
she awakens the elements to the tale she must carve
with a nonchalant wrist made for a new born babe’s comfort.

Another step forward beneath the undulating silken dress
waves of a voice she does not yet dare to raise above the flow
the curves of a light ankle trace vowels on the changing floor.

Contemplating a darker star in the great expanse above
she slowly freezes for but a moment tilting her head in a smile
she barely opens those blues to tell the stories hidden beneath the oceans.

Arms joined upon a fluttering life, wings bright as a butterfly’s
she levitates into infinity confounded into the thin ether
to vanish into the glow, her chapter done unto walls of the cosmos.