Writers and Artists

Isabel Borgers

Author of “Mason Jar Memories,” Skyway, and “Worn”
Artist of “Under the Pines” and “Hands of Time”

Isabel is a senior English major with a double minor in Spanish and professional writing. When she isn’t reading during her free time, she is writing poetry, listening to soundtracks, hanging out with family, or ranting about literature to friends. She currently works in the Rome Library.

Hannah Azusa Burris

Artist of “Napping in a Pumpkin Patch,” “Rome in a New Light,”

Azusa has an associate degree in Early Childcare and Education and is working on her bachelor’s degree in elementary education. You can find her hanging out with friends and family or going on an adventure. She is always ready to try something new!

Katherine Cash

Author of “Rib” and “Urban Stars”

Cash is from Adairsville, Georgia. She is currently attending Shorter University to double major in History and History Education with a minor in Art. She writes poetry as a therapeutic practice.

Jay Chambers

Author of “Preacher,” “Little River Falls,” “I Get to Marry Her,” “Patchwork,” “Sunday Mornings,” “The Brothers,” and “Forever Time”

Jay Chambers is a Shorter University alumnus who pastors South Litchfield Baptist church in Litchfield MI and is the Spiritual Care Provider for Senior Care Partners PACE of South Western MI. He is married to Alexis Chambers, and they reside in Litchfield with their two dogs and one grumpy old cat.

Emalyn Sharp George

Author of “Ornament,” “The First,” and “Help Myself”
Artist of “Each Little Flower,” “Beyond the Horizon,” and “Grandeur”

Emalyn Sharp George is a 2022 Shorter alumnus who has an excessive love of tea and chocolate. She currently works as a pre-employment background investigator, and often subjects her patient, loving husband and impatient, devilish cat to her brainstorming, writing, and literary rants.

Alicyn Harris

Author of “The Burn”
Artist of “Sunrise Beach,” “Sunny Day at Cloudland Canyon,” “Path through the Forest,” “Going Home,” “Jellies,” “Congress,” and “A Newborn”

Alicyn has been writing on and off her entire life and has recently gotten back into the hobby. She is a junior in college and even though she plans to go into a career in STEM, she hopes to have some published works of writing in the future. “The Burn” is a slightly older piece that was edited and changed to fit her current writing skills.

Contessa Heiskell

Artist of “Endless Beauty” and “Up, up, up”

Contessa Heiskell is a senior at Shorter University. She is an English major with a double minor in Christian Studies and Professional Writing. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and loves reading, journaling, photography. When she graduates, she is considering becoming a book editor. 

Destiny Killian

Author of “Eviction,” “Snake Song” and “Carrion Church” 

Destiny works for the Bartow Public Library system as a Librarian Assistant. She graduated from Shorter University in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in French. She loves comic books and all things nerdy. Her writing group, The Fellowship of the Inklings, consisting of Shorter Alumni, are in the process of reconvening in the pursuit of the arts. Her work has been published in SMITTEN: This is What Love Looks Like, As the World Burns, and The Chimes Literary and Arts Magazine. 

Hayden Lanier

Author of “Cursed Knowledge”

Hayden is a Sophomore at Shorter University with a major in Middle Grades Education and a minor in Christian Studies. He is from Tallapoosa, Georgia. At Shorter, he is involved with BCM. Hayden enjoys reading, writing, music, and spending time with friends and family. He is very grateful to have his piece included in this publication of The Chimes and hopes that God receives all the glory from this selection! 

Caroline Lewis

Author of “Smoke”

Caroline is a dual-enrolled high school senior who has a passion for writing.  She hopes to graduate and attend college to pursue a degree in writing/literature and/or theology and use her abilities to serve God.  She thanks both of her English Composition professors at Shorter for inspiring her to keep writing! 

Carolyn Phillips

Artist of “Natural Cavernous Baptism,” “Golden Isles,” “Stormy Horizons,” and “Rooted in Sand” 

Carolyn is a senior Ecology and Field Biology major and Chemistry minor at Shorter University. She enjoys photographing nature while on hiking trips, especially landscapes and animals; she free-writes poetry in her spare time as well. In the future, she hopes to continue her creative pursuits with the goal of capturing and expressing how she witnesses God’s presence in His creation. 

Griffin L. Smith

Author of “A Phantom’s Eulogy”

Griffin graduated from Shorter University in 2021. He’s currently working on his graduate studies in Biochemical Engineering. In his free time, he writes. He is currently writing a science-fiction novel. He would like to encourage everyone reading to keep chasing their dreams. God knows your potential.

Seth Stringer

Author of “Night Shore,” “How Silent Are the Bodies,” and “The Blade”

Seth Stringer was born in Rockmart, GA. He studies piano at Shorter University and has been playing piano for most of his life. In his free time, he enjoys reading and writing. 

Tayla Vannelli

Author of “Windowed Dreams” 

Tayla Vannelli is an alumna of Shorter University. She served as Editor-in-Chief of the Chimes Magazine for 2 years. She is excited to move to Germany with her fiancé after their wedding. She enjoys the sun, hiking, board games, and sarcasm. Please do not ask her where she is from. She really doesn’t even know at this point.