106th Issue Index

Poetry and Prose:

“World Traveler” ~ Anna Lundy

“Lock Bridge” ~ Tayla Vannelli

“Yellow” ~ Leighann Summers

“Pure Communion” ~ Ashley Lasseter

“Lost in a Book” ~ Isabel Borgers

Highway to the End Times” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“Flames” ~ Leighann Summers

“Genuine Happiness” ~ Eva Cruz

“Failure in Europe” ~ Tayla Vannelli

“Colors of Our Flag or What the Flag Means to Me” ~ Virginia Tyler

“Unlocked” ~ Emalyn Sharp

“The Answer” ~ Thomas Bryan

“Clumped” ~ Emily Boban

“To a Microcosm” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“My Husband, the Bard” ~ Jacee Clowers

“Paper Keyhole” ~ Isabel Borgers

“Yellow” ~ Destiny Killian

“Seasons and Security” ~ Emily Boban

“Be Still” ~ Anna Lundy

“Walls of Jericho” ~ Jesse Lee

“My Whole World” ~ Destiny Killian

“Reverse Poem” ~ Tayla Vannelli

“For Somebody that I Used to Know” ~ Avery Heck

“Like the Stars” ~ Emalyn Sharp

“Stand up Taller” ~ Teagan Daniels

“Once More” ~ Griffin Smith

“Two Pods and a Pea” ~ Andrea Hatcher


Visual Arts:

“Newborn Deer at Cave Spring” ~ Margie Monde

“Glimmer” ~ Darby Ambrose

“To the Blackboard” ~ Danielle FairBairn

“Analysis of a World Unknown” ~ Griffin Smith

“Crow” ~ Leah Figueroa

“Juxtaposed” ~ Courtney Dziadul

“Hanaya – Japanese Flower Shop” ~ Alexis Chambers

“Land of Dreams” ~ Danielle FairBairn

“A Complex and Thorough Gaze into the Abyss” ~ Griffin Smith

“Barbed Wire Reconstruction” ~ Jonathan Caruvana

“Hide and Seek” ~ Eva Cruz

“Ocean Blue” ~ Margie Monde

“Sunday Driver” ~ Morgan Maxwell

“Goldfinch in Plum Tree” ~ Alexis Chambers

“If Winston Knew” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“Forest Floor” ~ Courtney Dziadul

“Isaiah 52:7” ~ Isabel Borgers

“City” ~ Alisha Lane Provence

“Tranquility” ~ Leighann Summers

“Tender Moment” ~ Fabrice Poussin

“Sunset on Downtown” ~ Jonathan Caruvana