Pure Communion

Ashley Lasseter

I met You and life blossomed

We danced and talked in communion together

But there was an Enemy who saw the dance we had started to learn

The crash shut the lights off in an instant and jammed the light switch stuck

Eleven years in the dark, dissociated from the world around me

No senses present, numb to everything, left with speculating why it happened

So much rage and sorrow, but You were still there

I didn’t perceive the Light had been holding my hand the entire time

You lit up the dark, and eleven years later the light was turned back on

We danced and we sobbed together, anguish and deep loss ensued

But You grieve with me, and how much more beautiful things are!

You walked me through that Valley, held my hand, and led me into renewed Life

You taught me how to tango in the dark and how to square my shoulders like a warrior

You shouted and roared a Life into even the darkest night

You flipped that switch on with a Song, a Calling to come out of the Anxiety I had known  

You and I dance together in communion and worship again

Things are still hard and uncertain, but how much more beauty there is now!

Where I was buried alive in a spiritual grave, no oxygen or light

Yet even there, Life existed. You were my Oxygen, Hope, and Light

You shook that anxious grave I had accepted and laid in, and it trembled so that the ground couldn’t clutch it any longer

Life burst forth out of that grave, and You called me forth to live again

There was Beauty for my Ashes and a garden blooming where there had once lay my grave

I now stand in the Garden You made for me and we tend it together

Those grapes that got pressed and crushed now make the wine for us to drink

There are rainbows of color where there was once pitch black

There are fruits in the Orchard that had once been scorched

Together we harvest those fruits that are bursting with juice, through the very rind!

And we dance together in the Life You have created

Out of the darkest time has sprung forth my deepest utmost praise

What the Enemy declared lifeless is now Alive in You

Out of the barren locust swarm has come a Calling

A ministry fashioned out of the bleak brokenness

Where there was desert is now a well filled with You

And people drink out of the well, parched no more

From this well they come and drink, learning that You are good

Our dark frames are filled with the Light and every need is satisfied in You

We all dance together in this pure communion with You