My Whole World

Destiny Killian

Earthen eyes of hazel

ground me

after our world has turned

topsy turvy

Six feet or six lightyears

the distant is irrelevant

I could travel the globe

yet fail to find your equal

Kyoto’s famed flowers

would turn green with envy

their pink petals shriveling

upon seeing the blush

that blossoms on your face

at my every compliment

The city of love could never compare

to jazz music lilting

through the living room all around

avoiding our klutzy attempts to keep rhythm

Hopefully we’ll be better at this

during our first dance, mon amour

Not even your Bel Paese

from which your family hails

has enough beauty to match

your melodious tone

We hum and sing and saute mushrooms

in your stepmother’s kitchen

imaging the day when we have a home of our own

Despite this dire past year

our love leads me

to places new yet so familiar

The circumference

of your arms,

a planet previously undiscovered,

now my whole world