Destiny Killian

I used to hate the color yellow

Resented the fact that only one crayon

was meant to draw a smiling sun

Regarded sunflowers as

too similar to the plastic fakes

sold in stores

And thought lemons were

far too sour for

my tastes

I looked down on this

singular shade as being too bright, too loud,

too much  

Until I met you

and rose colored glasses

enhanced my sight, turning

once offensive hues

into pastel happiness

Like an epiphany, love

had reformed my

kaleidoscope vision

Bringing you into

crystal clear


You send me

pixelated hearts with

every good morning message

Primarily yellow ones

alongside romantic red

like a palette

of flames meant to be tamed

but instead burn

us both


I love the contrast, you say

You, who are also

bright and loud and

accused of being too much,

couldn’t be more

radiant to my eyes  

Your warmth surrounds me,

bathing my skin

in a summer glow,

comforting me during

my dullest of days

Your mere presence

parts every gray cloud,

the lambent light of

our love shining through

I could live in the color yellow

so long as

I’m living with you