Once More

Griffin Smith

You’re a perfect sight

and on sleepless nights,

I climb to new heights

to hear your voice.  

The flame can alter,

but never die or falter.

You’re a glass of clean water

in a desert of past regrets.  

Celestial stars,

returning scars,

and flashing cars.

Hold my hand once more.  

I’ll be in your ear when the sun rises.

I’ll be there when the sun sets.

I’ll be willing to make compromises

as long as you’ll say yes.  

The truth is better than all my dreams.

Unprecedented joy and endless smiles.

I’d be willing to drive thousands of miles

just to feel your touch.  

Wondrous eyes,

pupils enlarging

with a slight glimmer.

Let me see them again.  

Tell me about your day

as I hold your hands again

and gaze into the eyes of perfection

once more.  

Somehow, some way…

I’ll marry you some day.

Run your fingers through my hair.

It’s far too much to bear.  

That first grasp.

A touch of freedom.