Highway to the End of Times

Fabrice Poussin

A thin streak flashed in a bright light

fire born in times immemorial

built a road to a furthest horizon.  

Deserted as if created for a single traveler

narrow to give vertigo to a veteran rope walker

it called for him to take that leap of faith.  

Many journeys then recalled to his soul

was this to be his final adventure

battered by decades of raging hours he was ready?  

Taking another fleeting glance backward

would he regret the days of slumber

the dreams missed in sacrifice to a routine?  

He may have heard a distant melody

calling a name so long forgotten

to be the child who first stumbled into this world again.  

Touching a wrinkle upon his brow he pondered

laughing at his own doubts what was there to be feared ahead?  

Below he suspected the streets of the old capital

dark asphalt shining with gaslights

he would never walk again.  

No one could keep him company on this voyage

but soon he would find himself among those

he had once admired yet in another era.  

Still perhaps in the shell once his home

he was granted a pass for roads to infinity

perhaps soon he would share the divine discoveries.