108th Issue Index

* = pieces nominated for an award

Poetry and Prose:

“Skyway”Isabel Borgers *

“Mason Jar Memories”Isabel Borgers

“Worn”Isabel Borgers

“Rib”Katherine Cash *

“Urban Stars”Katherine Cash

“Little River Falls”Jay Chambers

“Preacher”Jay Chambers

“Patchwork”  ~ Jay Chambers *

“Sunday Mornings”  ~ Jay Chambers

“The Brothers” ~ Jay Chambers

“Forever Time” ~ Jay Chambers

“I Get to Marry Her” Jay Chambers

“The First”Emalyn Sharp George

“Ornament”Emalyn Sharp George

“Help Myself”Emalyn Sharp George

“The Burn”Alicyn Harris *

“Eviction”Destiny Killian *

“Carrion Church”Destiny Killian

“Snake Song”Destiny Killian

“Cursed Knowledge” ~ Hayden Lanier *

“Smoke”Caroline Lewis *

“A Phantom’s Eulogy”Griffin L. Smith *

“Night Shore”Seth Stringer *

“How Silent Are the Bodies”Seth Stringer

“The Blade”Seth Stringer

“Windowed Dreams”Tayla Vannelli *

Visual Art:

“Hands of Time”Isabel Borgers

“Under the Pines”Isabel Borgers *

“Rome in a New Light”Hannah Azusa Burris *

“Napping in a Pumpkin Patch”Hannah Azusa Burris

“Sunset on the Coast”Hannah Azusa Burris

“Dawn of a New Day”Hannah Azusa Burris

“Each Little Flower”Emalyn Sharp George

“Beyond the Horizon”Emalyn Sharp George *

“Grandeur”Emalyn Sharp George

“Sunrise Beach”Alicyn Harris *

“Path Through the Forest”Alicyn Harris

“Going Home”Alicyn Harris

“A Newborn”Alicyn Harris

“Sunny Day at Cloudland Canyon”Alicyn Harris

“Jellies”Alicyn Harris

“Congress”Alicyn Harris

“Up, up, up”Contessa Heiskell

“Endless Beauty”Contessa Heiskell

“Rooted in Sand” ~ Carolyn Phillips

“Stormy Horizons”Carolyn Phillips *

“Golden Isles” ~ Carolyn Phillips

“Natural Cavernous Baptism” ~ Carolyn Phillips