Jay Chambers

The preacher, 
Adorned with a crown 
Of hoary hair 
Shuffles his way toward 
The sacred desk, 
A pulpit that could 
Swallow him up. 

He ascends to his office, 
A place that he once 
Filled, now it seems 
To fill him, with 
A life he longs 
To have. 

He opens his mouth 
The mouth that 
Filled the air with 
Melodious song and passioned 
Preaching struggles to 
Fill his lungs and 
Preach with all 
His power. 

His word is the old, 
Old story, the one he has loved so long. His 
Sermon lacks the shine It used to have 
When he was young. 

As he struggles through 
He exhorts the people to 
“Heed the voice of the prophet, 
Before it is too late” 
He speaks 
As a man 
Who is aware 
Of his own