The First

Emalyn Sharp George

I’ve always hated beginnings.
I have an irrational fear of the unknown. 
You always said it would be okay.
You assured me that I wouldn’t be alone. 

I suppose that’s still true.
I just assumed you’d be here too.
I know that it’s naive to believe that things can’t change, 
But that’s what love will do to you. 

The only thing worse than a start,
Is the end of something good.
I can’t do anything about it this time, 
Although I really wish that I could. 

This is the first that I never wanted.
I waited by the phone all night,
But you didn’t call.
You weren’t here to say that you loved me, 
Instead, I heard nothing at all. 
I thought about ringing you up,
But I knew if I tried, 
It wouldn’t be your voice on the other side.
I have to accept the truth that you’re not coming back to me, 
And that this is the first day of many.