Stranger on the Waves of Time

Stranger on the Waves of Time
Chase Rogers

Wave after wave

Time washes up on the shore of our own mortality
It takes with it whatever is light enough to be carried
What has weight to us remains
Family, and genuine friends have their feet planted with you
You pretend you’re immortal with your recklessness and your one track mind
Your clouded thoughts attract the ripples within the water, barreling one by one
All feel balanced until the waves of time take your legs from beneath you
Your time on the shore is short

Pushing and pulling

We are thrown against the currents of our own humanity
Emotional barrages meet us at full force with each whitewash embrace
How could they do this to me? Who can I turn to? I am alone.
Thoughts of negativity encourage the waves to switch strategies and attack from all angles
Your legs promote fatigue to your brain as the currents become too much
Hope flees you as the waves overtake your soul with each pounding crash
Your will to live is sinking

A stranger on the waves

The relentless attack of time is far too much for any mortal to handle.
Alone that is.
A book speaks of the story of a man who calmed a storm with his words
His doubting disciple reached him by walking to him on the water
The waves of time cry out his name till he silences them so that you may reach him
Leave the shore of your own mortality
Calm the waves that remind you that your time on the shore is short

Ocean is the end game

Wave after wave
Pushing and pulling
The belief that the water would get the better of our footing one day
The stranger on the waves calmed my own storm
I’m still on the shore, with just the waves that brush against my legs
When I meet my own mortality, I will not be carried out by the waves
I will be a disciple without doubt and sprint across the water to embrace him
To embrace the one who’s been waiting for me
The waves call out his name till he silences them for me to cross
The crashes resound, “Jesus”