“Nine months”

“Nine months”
Chase Rogers

Nine months
I was loved before oxygen made its first voyage to my lungs
Emotions sporadic, thoughts ricochet
wall to wall
ear to ear
Her mind echoes the commotion

She lacks crucial knowledge, she would surpass all mothers

She was nineteen, life switched the plot
He took the form of stone next to her, concreted vows
Our family forms with the company of wedding bells

She sways me in her arms, a motherly cot
The crib , he spent an eternity assembling
I rarely enter
He pleads for a turn to become my bassinet
I remain in her cot, the swaying helps me sleep

She dreads and relishes the day she will have to put me down
Soon I will be an elusive toddler
She must be swift to seize her rambunctious offspring

My youth, encompassed with her compassion
I confused her caring for captivity

Twenty-one years transpire
I reminisce the days of captivity

Occasional long distance calls
Rome to home
I still sense her kindness through the static

quick to lend an ear
even more to assist

the one who surpasses all
I love you
these lines are just a reminder