Whose Tyranny We Say

Anneke Zegers

The children are not weeping for our souls; 
they are shaking innard quaking 
tears streaming hot 
hearts beating rapid fire pitter-patter 
like the shotguns in our mouths 
scared stiff and senseless in fear of our foulness 
fear for our fists. 

The children do not cry out in joy at the sight of us coming home; 
they are crying parched screams we ignore 
what they preach 
to restore in them a confidence we killed. 
They cry in desperate will  
in the mere chance lightning will strike twice 
in the hope we not kill them too. 

The children do not smile because they like us or are like us; 
we perpetuate facts and acts 
beyond legitimate knowledge of nature 
beyond seasons of knives and needles 
for these whose winters have yet to end 
smile warm smiles to grin and bear  
because they know what we will do 
what we will turn into if they don’t. 

The children refuse to admit us to their games not because 
they think us too high and mighty; 
angelic alabaster feathers on chintz pages  
we are the serpentine monsters and murderers 
destroy all we touch and would them too 
without rhyme or reason or correlating consequences 
beyond sands and symphonies 
because we rule the word 
we rule the world wickedly.