Emily Moore

Oh Lord, dear Lord, 
Blessed Creator of all 
Compared to Your might, 
All quandaries seem small. 

The billowing waves, 
Though they toss me about 
Are to you one raindrop 
In the midst of a drought. 

In the height of shadow, 
In lowliness of heart, 
You bring hope, joy, and strength  
Before the trials depart. 

You are there before, 
During, and after the pain. 
In the highest and lowest times, 
I never cease to praise your name. 

Overcome with power,  
love, and grace You bestow. 
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 
The only words my tongue now knows. 

Oh Lord, dear Lord, 
Now I see you face to face. 
I bow down and thank you 
For your mercy and your grace. 

The sanctification process  
Has led me to Your throne.  
I am with You forever. 
I am finally home. 

For this, You and I labored 
together many many years. 
Now, here we are in eternity. 
It was worth every tear. 

Oh Lord, dear Lord 
No number of praises  
would ever be enough.  
But eternity is long, and 
I will spend it singing Hallelujah.