Bodies are Bodies

Hayley Arthur

Bodies are bodies

Don’t put them on a pedestal
These looks are just dispensable
We’re humans, not collectibles

They’re awkward, gross and flabby
They’re flawed, not like a Barbie
Gotta know this to be happy

They’re not my soul, they’re just a shell
Put my mind on show and tell
This flesh is glorified too well

Bodies are bodies

She lost weight, see that bikini
She’s flawless and now she’s skinny
So they’re saying “Wish that could be me”

I’d trade years to be an envy
My priorities are scary
This significance I bury

Like the scale we check for weight
It tips to exaggerate
Our clothes and what we ate

Bodies are bodies

I exchange things for attraction
It’s a terrible transaction
I know it’s selfish, but it’s fashion

And I’m beautiful how he made me
Wearing clothes and being pretty
That’s okay, just don’t be greedy

Guys, sex’s not all she wrote
There are other beauties, folks
Why’s every song about a hoax

Bodies are bodies

No matter what position, they exist in
By flaunting all this flesh that glistens
We’re giving Satan ammunition

When I’m in heaven I will fly
Every flesh that I deny,
The Lord fixes up a prize

We worship these broken temples
Obsessive with every pimple
Taking pictures like it’s simple

Bodies are bodies

Nothing more and nothing less
Don’t stress about how you dress
With your actions God is impressed

We’re racing in these cars
But I think we’ve gone too far
Without stopping to check our hearts.

Let’s transcend this empty culture
We’re as dark and grim as vultures
We can pave the way for others

Remember, bodies are just bodies.