Trevor Vals

In my sixteen years of life, I have made many mistakes. I would love to go into great detail of those mistakes with you, but I think I might kill myself after from embarrassment. I’ve been right about a lot of things and I’ve been wrong about plenty more.

I, however, know that I am certain about one thing. That I, Walter Keen, am in love with Maggie Lowe. And I am in a deep and broken universe where Maggie doesn’t love me.

It started as any romance should: a friendship. Just a school friendship, but one day I asked if she wanted to get frozen yogurt with me and she said that frozen yogurt was her favorite, so we went and got the ice cream knockoff. I didn’t pay for her because, between you and me, I didn’t have the money, but I wanted it to seem like it wasn’t a date.

And then we went again the next week. And the next. And eventually it became our Wednesday ritual. And then I suddenly only wanted to be with Maggie. We started going to the mall together, doing homework at each other’s houses, binging all the shows we could find, and talking all day long. I got to know my new best friend more than anyone I’d known before.

It may have been my lack of relationships in my life, but it felt like we were becoming a couple. And I had fallen for my Maggie. It wasn’t until I asked her out on a proper date that I learned of my error. She did not, in fact, feel the same. Her only focus was supposed to be on getting into the college of her dreams. And the weirdest part was that we continued our life like nothing happened.

So here I remain, in love with my best friend, and I have nothing to show for it.