Tayla Vannelli

She flits and she zooms 
Her energy is sustained 
Lifting the petals of others 

What if she stops? 

Imaginations of death 
Force her tiny body onward 
Without her, the flowers 

Suffer and wilt alone 

When she slows long enough 
To sleep at last  
Hibernation overtakes 

Is it worth it? 

Her paralyzed wings 
Cause ripples across the water 
Earth would tremble 

Surely, it wouldn’t survive 

Pausing in place 
Even in stillness, her wings 
Travel faster than the eye can see 

Relaxation is exhausting 

80 flaps per second  
As she hovers at the window 
Sacrificing flowers for easy nectar 

Replenishing is selfish 

Little girl touches the glass 
Lashes fluttering like wings  
Tilting her head in curiosity 

Why does the birdie fly so fast? 

Sweet bird falls to the ground  
Humming replaced with silence 
Little girl cries in confusion 

Why wouldn’t the birdie just rest?