A Hopeful Farewell

Hayden Lanier

Life was going fine
Everything just the same as always
But then the bad news came
And with it many painful days
Life was tough then
And though things were seeming well
In the end we had to say goodbye
Goodbye, a dark farewell
Farewell, my dearest friend
Didn’t want to say goodbye
I know there’s a reason for everything
But why did you have to die?
So young, so full of life
Jubilantly radiating rays of joy
But now that you are gone
Only sadness I have let myself employ
But alas, I know there’s hope
Because I know I’ll see you again
No matter what the world says
I know that death won’t win
Through Jesus and through him only
We all may conquer death
Then we enter God’s perfect kingdom
As we exhale that final breath
So although I’m filled with sorrow
And my soul is stained with grief
This earthly pain I’m feeling
It couldn’t be more brief
Because although we knew life here
In Heaven we will see
No more pain, tears, or sorrow
Perfect forever life will be