A Study in Crimson

Griffin Smith

Pages burning
and ears yearning
for a new purpose
til the day ends. 

Ages turning
and hearts churning.
Is it all worth it?
I hope it is.

Determine the worth of a mind
by a mere spectacle; I’m sinking.
Wondering why people hate me
for my dialectical free thinking. 

No matter how many hard fights,
card swipes, star sights, or sharp spikes,
You’ll still confuse wrongs from rights.
Equip yourself to ascend the heights. 

Accepting your defeat is quite bizarre.
Evaluating the masses like a binary star.
Taking the hard classes won’t get you far,
but hard times make for a good memoir. 

October night sky with a glass of rye.
It’s a scary day when your pride 
attempts a double homicide. 
That empty feeling will leave you compromised. 

Love and self hatred,
a life of balance and anguish.