Stargazer’s Dream

Isabel Borgers

I did not know the darkness
the darkness knew me
told me of the stars
told me of the moon
told me of the night
I remembered these celestial secrets
as I drove home from the field
my sky-watching refuge

The constellations seemed
imprinted on my eyelids
each star still shone in my mind’s eye
as I lay down on my bed
I continued to gaze at them

When I opened my eyes
I stood on a radiant path of
thousands of star-like orbs
their luminescence nearly blinding
I raced alongside light
thinking of the stars and their paths
across the heavens

And I made my own voyage
through this ethereal world
joined with the stars
in their eternal cycle
they taught me of darkness
and I now know it
as I had not known before
I closed my eyes and felt the brilliance
surrounding me

The constellations still fresh
in my mind, I opened my eyes
to the largest star of the Milky Way
shone in my window
and I thought about the events
of the night in wonder
and tried to recall
what the stars had taught—
but all I could clearly remember
was the cobblestone pathway
reaching across the heavens