Leighann Summers

Bright lines overtake my eyes as I look up to the ever-shining sky.

How does it look so different yet always look the same?

Light shines through the windowpane while I watch the shadows wane.

Something about the colors makes my sorrows drain.

Sight blinds those who admire the oranges and yellows too long.

Fight longer to see past the length of a lover’s song.

Color is beautiful, just try not to admire it forever.

Sunsets are ugly – said no one.


Lock Bridge

Tayla Vannelli

Rain doesn’t discriminate

Between rivers and bridges

Drops trickle down the fences

Slipping between iron chains

Shaped like diamonds  

Metal bonds symbolizing forever

Begin to rust and decay  

Names and dates shrouded

Their infinite love

Now illegible to the world  

Years later, their forever is found

A passerby stops to gaze  

At the brown rotting lock

Held strong to a “dry” bridge

Dripping with rainwater  

The lock shoved between

Countless memorials to loves long lost

World Traveler

Anna Lundy

she has traveled

the world many times. 

tasted the finest cuisine from

france, then closed her eyes

she awoke in morocco.

the waves play with her feet.

she takes a dive,

and resurfaces in

egypt, where she visits

the pyramids and fishes in

the nile. she casts her line,

and it lands in

bali. her skin feels the heat

of the volcano,

and she smiles

as she

turns her pillow to the

cold side. she pulls

her blanket up a little

further. her dog lays

beside her. she

dreams vividly,

traversing the world

from the safety of her bed.