Storm Clouds and Safety Ships

Storm Clouds and Safety Ships

Her spirit is a storm cloud
as she stands beside the bay
the roaring crash of clashing waves
outdoes her searing pain.

Her dreams lay shattered on the rocks;
hope has drowned out in the tide
a tortured trench is now her heart
and she has no place left to hide.

Alone, alone is all she knows
and she does not know why
the ache she feels has grown so strong
that she’s come here to die.

A lightning flash, a silver slash
divides the amber sky
and hope like an eternal flame
is lit inside her eyes.

For in the distance sails a ship
tossed by all the tide
an anchor for a shipwrecked soul
a secret place to hide.

The captain pulls her from the tide
and her loneliness is killed
for one touch from those weathered hands
has her forever healed.