The Kitchen Window

The Kitchen Window
Leah-Joy Smith

Push aside Mother Nature’s compost
Show me colored life again

Face the freezing frost fight, win
With red dirt in your roots

The oak will become a chapel
Worship lead by the whippoorwill

The heater’s hum and tick sleeps
The whir of the box fan blows the smell of green

Warm water, dirty dishes fill the sink
My fingers are pink prunes

Dripping Dawn sponge in my hand
Beauty and hummingbirds linger on the porch

Plant my flip-flops in front of the sink
The water is getting cold, I watch with hope

Through finger prints and soap splatters,
Sun soaks the linoleum floor

Flowers bloom outside
the ruby, sapphire, and emerald kitchen window
Lavender sprouts and daffodils yellow