The Cheerful Reflections of Winter

The Cheerful Reflections of Winter
Kristin Towe

The snow is whispering secrets
as it veils our lands and towns
and all who venture out in it
return with pleasures found

In front of my cottage is a friend
I fashioned out of snow
we while away the days together
we revel in the cold

What a wonder winter is
as we romp through merry valleys
what a joy to frolic in snow,
to dilly and to dally

From the peaks of highest mountains,
though frigid and sometimes frightful
I see the people down below
and all is so delightful.

And, oh, the magic of winter,
it sticks to gloves and scarves
and warmth pours from the fireplace
and spreads into our hearts.

This season seems to always live
its joys always tarry
and once the snow melts again
the magic still we carry.