Riding Scared

Riding Scared
Fabrice Poussin

Miles from a past
and unto another destiny
lost in the midst of heavy fogs
skies crushing like missiles of Armageddon.

Upon the cape of a diminutive superhero
raging torrents assail the little heart
burning with fiery light crashing
onto the spokes of his noble palfrey.

Would-be warrior weary of the enemy
he cowers under the heavy air
aware of the constant hail
of thunderous threats.

Lines of steel shine far above the road
as it shivers with the same fears
a curtain stands as if a gate
between life and the unknown.

Home trembles in the distance
blurred in a vision he can no longer trust
warmth the gentle body imagines
awaits him near the hearth.

Another ride alone in the storm
a memory of a heroic near death
coming home at the speed of terror
to memorize another fable.