Meagan Cox

Tell me a story
Start with Once Upon a Time…
Forge something new and magical with your mind
You are the great king in charge of these tales
I am your little princess who’s dreams prevail
Look! The trees are waving hello
The blue birds sing songs that we know
There are pirate ships in the skies
Fairies to fly with and stars in our eyes
Let’s play hop scotch with the moon and sun
The comets can join in just for fun
Let’s take our paper airplanes or the hot air balloon we invented
Second star to the right!
That’s where we are headed
Let’s find a waterfall made of chocolate streams,
Have tea with Marry Poppins and talk of finer things
The night will soon be over and day light is drawing near
When I wake up tomorrow, will you still be here?
The older I get the farther you seem to fade.
All I have left are old pictures and memories that I’ll take to my grave
I know our story is not over and one day I’ll see you again
I’ll make sure to continue our songs and stories til the end
I’ll tell them a story
I’ll start with Once Upon a Time…
I’ll forge something familiar and magical with my mind