Light’s Absence

Light’s Absence
Taryn Cyncholl

If all light was extinguished,
How pretty could nature be.
The tiny weak wimp sapling
Could never be a tree.
Existence would be despairing,
Earth icy, cold, and raw.
Water eternally frozen;
Flora dry as straw.
Hope suppressed much the same,
Beasts shiver, struggling to find heat.
Force feeding their minds warm thoughts,
Still freezing head to feet.
Fireflies freed of fire,
Lighthouses lacking light,
Result in jet black day,
Identical to the night.
No more breathtaking sunsets,
To them you can bid ado.
No more miraculous rainbows,
Or their bold majestic hues.
So I guess the creator of light,
Is who we have to thank.
For the life we have around us,
Or rather everything point-blank.
The Light keeps us from slithering in shadows,
While protecting us from shriveling rays.
Revealing clearly lit paths to follow,
On even the darkest of days.
The Light that goes on shining,
One that constantly glistens through.
The light that cannot be defeated,
Gave His life for you.