Who’s My Friend?

Who is my friend?
Paige Sinard

Mirror, mirror,
On the wall.
Who is there,
After all?
Not he.
Not she.
Not they,
Not that.
Who is there,
To have my back?
The one,
The only,
The great I am.
For worthy am I,
Because of the King.
I have a friend,
Through thick and thin.
My comrade.
My companion.
My buddy.
My pal.
He is with me
Until the end.
I walk in his footsteps,
For he knows the way.
I always cling to him,
With him I won’t sway.
My friend is royalty.
He is the king of all kings.
The holiest of holies
The man of all men.
He is always with me,
For in him I seek refuge.
He is always with me,
Because He is my friend.