The Time Traveler

The Time Traveler
Destiny Killian

I lay back and time
stands still
Light particles swirl around me
eyes shut and
mind wide open
The past stretches out
Like putty in my hands
I grab hold and
suddenly, I am transported
Another moment
another world
a long forgotten
version of myself

We face each other
I don’t recognize her
Is she really me
This minute we’re living in
I’ve lived a thousand times before
I want to stop her
No, don’t say that
Tell him how you feel
Please don’t do this to us
But it’s no use
she can’t hear me
I am only a ghost here
trespassing on a past
that can’t be changed

When I reawake
the present greets me again
like a familiar friend
I have traversed lifetimes
to no avail
What else is left
Another journey
through time
and space
I’ll skip to the future
In hopes of finally finding
A new me, a new life where
The happy ending might
Last longer
than one eternity

Who waits for me
In the faraway place
that I have yet to reach
Which version of me
will greet me there
I wonder
What would this theoretical me
say to her past self
How many days, nights
endless hours
did she spend
to get to me