The Monster Inside

The Monster Inside
Montana Garrett

It scratches the walls inside my mind
Wanting out, to see the light
It is truly evil but acts kind
When It’s trying to put up the one-sided fight

When I try to contain the beast
While up this hill I go
It’s too late, he’s already released
knocked me down feeling low

The hill becomes larger
Growing in size
My vision became dimmer, darker
I was deprived

The beast began dragging me down
To the earthly grave I fall
Into the water I begin to drown
I thought I gave it all

I grew frustrated especially with the monster
No one can save me not even a doctor
Some Beings came at me in white clothes
dragging me away
Why they are doing this I don’t know
Trapped in a cellar I would stay

Tired and afraid began to cry
Sat down on the floor and stared outside
Feeling like there’s nothing more, just wanted to die

I got up to look in the mirror
Walking up putting my hand on the glass
My eyes got bigger
Perhaps it’s a nightmare it will pass

But when I stared at the mirror, all I could see
I couldn’t believe my eyes
That monster was me