Sweet Nairobi

Sweet Nairobi
Arnold Mutuse

Abortion is a crime

Everything in life takes its time Hilda
My close friend since grade one.
You were cool girl, smart, and well behaved.
Everyone was popping eyes up on you.
Winners will be winners,
And you were happy about it.
Your beauty never out-smarted you,
But spread all over Nairobi streets.
On front page of Kenya-standards,
There you were.
A rumor of your side-line smile,
And gorgeous dimples were the daily talk.
Everywhere you passed was all whispers.

Your beauty changed you.
As soon as you joined grade seven
Everyone treated you like a model.
You played cards with anyone you met.
You did what you wanted
And hated anyone who advised you.
I and your mom were there for you.
Hilda, you ignored us to enjoy life
You forgot our tradition.
But you were not lucky, you got ball,
Rushed everywhere to get rid of it.
Time is precious, but you became cheap.
We told you to chill and you said we were daydreaming.
To use protection, wasn’t real.
To start family planning, it’s hectic.
The last option I remember, t’was to get saved,
And you claimed it’s too early, maybe later.
We joined high school and remained the same.
You crushed with every guy you met,
Just like a dustbin of trash to rich and poor,
Yes… ATM machine, every card was welcome.

I even remember when you invited me to your wedding, Hilda.
You told me, you are grown up, and you got a husband.
Like your best friend, you insisted that I should show up.
You got a good job, salary, and it’d be a wonderful party.
Like a friend, I arrived early.
T’was a nice party full of joy, and presents.
Happy faces and sweet sideline smiles,
T’was your wedding day.
Now five years are over and you do not have a kid.
Every day quarrels from your husband,
and his relatives say, “we want a baby.”
No happiness anymore, you have gone to witch-doctors,
Church for prayers, and all in vain.
Doctor said your uterus is turned off,
And you got the virus.
You wish you knew,
But, don’t cry Hilda.
There is still a chance to live, Hilda.
Eat well, take pills daily, and do exercise.
The sweetness of marriage is a baby,
And if you start flashing, you will cry later.
“Abortion is a crime.”