On Rereading Aesop’s Fables

On Rereading Aesop’s Fables
Kristin Towe

Lately I have been reading Aesop’s fables
frog guts glued to eyelashes, and, at the bottom of the page
Never attempt the impossible.

but we are umber foxes, tail chasing, caught in headwinds
fur coat laden, hot blood sizzling on cold fingers

Lately you have been asking the sun for advice
as the butterflies kiss your petal soft skin
Do not expect constancy in others if you have none yourself.

for I saw the monarch, dancing feelers, stroke your face
and you turned to the sun, and only I would sift your ashes

Oh, let us burn the flowers, highest temperatures, furnace breath
and with them, put out the croaking madrigal, and love.