My Home

My Home
Sydney Holmes

It’s where I was formed
My whole life, trapped in a cave
I am blind
I cannot walk without stumbling
Retreating, further and further into the cave

Is there a way out?
I had heard rumors of those who left the safety of the cave
Those are just tales
Aren’t they?

I continue to live my life as I have known
Rocks, Bugs, sticks, scrapes, fear
The tools and ways of life
More numerous than the souls who use them
I love the Darkness
It’s my life, my home

Wait, what’s this?
There’s a small light.
Over there.
I soon find myself blinded by the light
A light I never knew existed

I still cannot see
I cannot walk without stumbling
Drawn out by the light
How is this different than the cave?

Slowly I begin to see clearly
Shapes begin to form
A man appears on top of a hill
Waiting with open arms

Is he waiting for me?
I am drawn to him
I find myself at his feet
Tears fall from my face as he speaks to me
“Welcome home son”
Finally, I found my home