I Woke Up Tired One Morning

I Woke Up Tired One Morning
David Thompson

I woke up tired this morning
My nightly slumber insufficient
Eyes bleary, body weary
I contemplate my newfound state.
A nearby mirror reflects my face
Bluish bags and drowsy brows
I smile; hope to light my face up;
It’s just as tired as I am.
There is an aching in my bones
Not caused by any injury
My muscles are sore too, though I
Haven’t worked out in six months.

I cast my thoughts across time’s seas
Call to mind my younger self
A buzzing ball of boundless joy
Energy seeping from every pore
Laughing, running, imagining
Worlds into existence by the hour
His cheeks are flushed, his mouth agape
Channeling strength I no longer have
A sparkle in his eye that’s now long dead
A memory of my youth to dwell upon.

My thoughts return; I shake my head
And wince until the pain subsides
One more reminder that I’m old
That the boy who once was me is gone
But I will always envy him
Daring to hope, to live, to dream
When he fell, he got up quickly
If only because he was closer to the ground.