First Star

First Star
Fabrice Poussin

Fashioned by the thickness of the dark
I lay unconscious for time unknown when
A spark ignited the void to jettison a soul
Upon the original lightning.

An illusion of what I may soon become
Began to grow in a vertiginous twirl
Like a fiery dust of minuscule atoms
Without boundaries yet.

Not a cry nor a whimper in the immense vacuum
I could find no anchor to attach a fate
Thrown to the mercy of birthing asteroids
Per chance to encounter a mate.

An infinite line traced a path through the mass
Solid as a rock fluid as streaming molasses
The only proof that perpetual motion finally
Had come to exist.

I surrendered what I sensed was the shell of a destiny
To the passing arrow sole guide in the emptiness
And I found something accelerating nearby
It took me on a surreal journey.

Thus, what I am now joined with the light
Dim star within the deep of oblivion
To make one amid so many new creations
As the world came to be from nothing to the first star.